How to survive and thrive im Ländle?

Here you'll find a collection of infos (#XiPedia A-Z), experts (#XiPerts101), networks (#XiChange) & places (#XiP) which might be useful for your new life abroad in Vorarlberg. 


We are delighted to launch our new format “XIPERTS101”, a series of talks with experts in and from the country, today with MMMag. Dr Maria Rehberger and Primary Dr. Philipp Kloimstein, both from the Maria Ebene Foundation. 

The aim of this new format is to get practical tips for the international community in Vorarlberg from selected XIPERTS; they all have in common that they are not only proven professionals in their respective fields, but also have their own experience of being an expat/repat.

#XiPedia A-Z

under construction :)