WORKSHOP #1 - From Kindergarten to Graduation - An Overview of the School System

Thursday 22.09.2022 at 7pm (in Dornbirn).

Speaker: Sarah Schneider (Primary Teacher and former Expat herself)

Explanation of the kindergarten and school system of Vorarlbeg. 

WORKSHOP #2 - Lifelong Learning - All about Adult Education in Vorarlberg

Thursday 20.10.2022 at 7 pm (BIFO Dornbirn, Bahnhofstrasse 24, 4th floor).
Speaker: Christine Klas (BIFO)

Education and courses in Vorarlberg
Recognition of foreign diplomas
Additional job certifications
Funding/ Scholarships
Career options in Vorarlberg

WORKSHOP #3 - Third Culture Kids - Foundations of Parenting International Kids

Thursday 24.11.2022 at 7 pm (online)

Speaker: Anna Seidel (Global Mobility Trainer)


- What does "Third Culture Kids" mean? 

 - What are the risks and advantages of growing up in an intercultural environment? 

- How can parents and carers support their children? 


Parents and educators will gain a deeper understanding for Third Culture Kids and specific actions they can take to start supporting their TCKs right away. 

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