Let's do it together!

Life abroad starts with a big vision.
We support you step by step to achieve your vision right from the start.  

Expat Support

Transitioning into a new life, in a new country, adopting a new culture is very exciting and a great life experience.

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming, and this is where we come into play. We support you during the complete journey, while preparing for a move, the first months living abroad and when going back home. 

You can choose from different services like coaching (1:1 Coaching and Group coaching), workshops and webinars. 

Company Support

For todays global business it is essential to learn how to effectively work with people from different international backgrounds. 

If a professional team is able to relate to the culture of its members, chances are higher that the business will be fruitful.

Curious about our approach to boost your business performance?

Our Motivation

To empower you to adapt and succeed. 


We’ve been there too, and we know how it feels and which steps to take to live a fulfilled and successful life abroad.

About us

We are more than just a bunch of experts, we have been in your shoes, this is why we put a lot of joy and passion into our services, that's what sets us apart.

Based on our 30+ years of expertise, we are able to adapt our offer individually to you and to your goals. We specialize in finding innovative and creative solutions and offering you the kind of cooperation that enables smooth implementation.

What does XIPAT mean?

You might wonder why we came up with this name? Vorarlberg is also known as Xiberg due to using the phrase „gsi“ (pronounced <xe>) a lot. Therefore it became a trademark of V and we simply added „pat“ to create a joint name for all expat and repats in the region.