Our Services

We can support as

  • Guide for expats and their partners to find their purpose abroad (Dual career support)
  • Business Coach for talents that are working in an international context 
  • Intercultural trainers for teams working in an international environment 
  • Consultants for companies that are working with international talent
  • Guide for parents and their third culture kids (kids who are raised in a culture other than their parents´or the culture of their country of nationality) 

What we offer

Welcome to Vorarlberg!

A workshop for people that have newly arrived in Vorarlberg and that would like to get a first glimpse of every day life here. 

tailormade online format
available in German, English or Spanish

Expat Coaching &
Intercultural Training

To support the expat in the long term, we offer individual coaching including intercultural training. The focus is on personal development, while keeping in mind cultural differences and challenges.  

International Assignment Preparation & Policies

Every international assignment should be carefully planned, both by the company and by the employee. 
We would be happy to support you throughout the entire process. 

Our methods:

  • 1:1 or group coaching 
  • Training
  • Mediation
  • Consulting
  • Workshops

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